Blockchain technology has been around for more than a decade, but its adoption is still in its early stages. However, recent data suggests that the adoption curve of cryptocurrencies is similar to the early stages of the internet in the 1990s, giving us a glimpse of what the future could look like with adoption.

Discover the basics of blockchain with our easy-to-understand guide. Learn about this game-changing technology that’s taking the world by storm. Get a grasp on the world of digital ledgers, how digital currencies like Ethereum work, and the role of smart contracts in improving safety and efficiency. Equip yourself with fundamental blockchain know-how and be a part of the fast-paced digital transformation. Uncover the incredible potential of this cutting-edge innovation and see how blockchain is changing the future.

Below I have summarized most important topics. You can either explore from the beginning or dive straight into it and mint your first NFT!