Get ready to blast off into a whole new dimension of NFT art with “Galaxy Surfers.” It’s not your everyday NFT collection – Imagine a cosmic rollercoaster ride where you’ll meet aliens, cyborgs, demons, humans, lizards, and a mind-bending sentient statue that’ll make you question reality. Buckle up, because we’re about to take you on an epic journey into the universe with “Galaxy Surfers.”

Meet the Cosmic Voyager

So, who’s behind this mind-blowing collection? It’s none other than the mysterious art wizard known as “3DKLUB”. This enigmatic gang is all about exploring the cosmos and pushing the limits of your imagination. With “Galaxy Surfers,” they’re taking us on a mind-blowing adventure through the vast universe, introducing us to some wild characters along the way.


A Gang of Cosmic Misfits

  1. Alien Surfers 🛸 Think E.T. meets Picasso. These aliens are a bunch of funky shapes and colours that’ll make you feel like you’re at an intergalactic rave. From bug-eyed weirdos to cuddly-looking creatures, these extraterrestrial beings are a trip in themselves.

  2. Cyborg Surfers 🤖 The cyborgs are a mix of man and machine. They’ve got all the futuristic tech and a hint of human charm. It’s like if Iron Man decided to hit the cosmic waves with a bunch of cool enhancements.

  3. Demonic Surfers 😈 For those who like it a bit dark and mysterious, these demon surfers are pure fire. Horns, wings, and those red-hot eyes make them look like they’re straight from your wildest nightmares – or dreams.

  4. Human Surfers 👫 Good old Homo sapiens represent the adventurers in this cosmic crew. These NFTs capture the spirit of human exploration in space. They’re the cosmic cowboys and cowgirls, blazing trails and riding the cosmic waves.

  5. Lizard Surfers 🦎 These scaled surfers bring a reptilian twist to the collection. They’ve got the look of agile reptiles, and their designs make you appreciate the diversity of life, even in the vastness of the universe.

  6. The Sentient Statue 🗿 Now, here’s where things get trippy. There’s a sentient statue that plays tricks on your brain. Is it alive? Is it just an illusion? This enigmatic NFT messes with your head and challenges your grasp on reality.


Art Born in the Stars

Galaxy Surfers creation process is a wild mix of Stable Diffusion, digital inpainting, and pure artistic magic. Every NFT is an intricate masterpiece, and you’ll discover new details every time you look. It’s like zooming through a kaleidoscope of creativity.


Grab a Slice of the Cosmic Pie

Owning a “Galaxy Surfers” NFT is like owning a piece of the universe – digitally, of course. They’re unique, scarce, and securely stored on the blockchain. Plus, they’re more than just art; they’re an investment in a thriving community of fellow collectors. It’s just the beginning of the 3DK journey. Buckle in.


Join the Cosmic Crew

The “Galaxy Surfers” community is buzzing with energy[not yet]. Collectors are diving deep into discussions about the characters, their stories, and the art-making process. 3DKLUB often joins the party, sharing secret insights and dropping limited-edition surprises.



This collection has something for everyone. 🪐✨